My beloved brothers and sisters, Happy Christmas to you all. My Christmas message is from the Holy Book, the Bible which says: DO NOT BE AFRAID.

As we celebrate the message of peace, the birth of the prince of peace, we recall the angelic greetings to Mary the virgin of Nazareth in Luke 1: 28 – 30. The Angel said; “Do not be afraid”. In that conversation, the Angel told Mary; “the Lord is with you” and concluded with the assurance that nothing is impossible with God.

In our circumstances, today, one is tempted to be afraid. One is inclined to ask questions, to loose faith, to wonder if God is still with us. Yes! God is still with us. He is always faithful. He will intervene to save his people as usual at his own chosen time. It is not an accident that this phrase: “Do not be afraid” is repeated 365 times in the Bible.

The prophet Isaiah tells us hundreds of years before the birth of Christ that God is coming not as a judge but as a vindicator, as a savior, as a redeemer. He was of course referring to the First Christmas. He was referring to this birth of Christ which we are commemorating today and celebrating today. He tells us “Do not be afraid” Confer Isaiah 35: 1-6.

When the King Ahaz thought that God had abandoned his people, he was afraid of the neighboring kingdoms like Samaria, Damascus, Assyria and others. The King lost hope in the protection of the God of Israel but the Man of God Isaiah convinced him to put his trust in God. (Is. 7: 10-14)

Today my brothers and sisters, I call on all men and women of goodwill to put their trust in God who is always faithful. Do not abandon God for He has not abandoned his people. Be faithful to God through prayers, through good conduct. Make sure some people enjoy the blessings of God through you as we celebrate Christmas today. Do not be part of any evil plan against anybody or against the Government. Kidnapping, banditry, unknown gun men, name them. Do not be part of any of such.

For the elections, ensure you have your PVC ready. Vote according to your conscience for the one you are convinced will do better than others. Vote for the one who will do better and change Nigeria to a better country. Reject any persuasion or inducement to do what you know is wrong.

God is still faithful, do not be afraid – as God will bless us with a better future.


Happy Christmas to you all. May God bless you all, Amen.

May the favours, blessings, divine protection descend on all of you; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.