Now is Christmas when we celebrate the mystery of the birth of Christ, the incarnation. God became man and dwelt among us.

God became man and by so doing divinized human nature. In Christ God shares his life with us. However, we need the light of faith (Lumen Fidei) and (the door of faith (Porta fidei) to see and enter the way of salvation.

Without faith it is impossible to please God but with faith we shall see the Glory of God. Recall that Mary became the Mother of Jesus the Lord because she believed; no wonder inspired by the Holy Spirit, Elizabeth exclaimed, Blessed are you who believed that what is promised you by the Lord would be fulfilled ( LK 1: 45)

As we celebrate the Nativity of the Lord this year, I call on all men and women of good will to journey with faith. The Apostles could not cast out demons because of their lack of faith, Peter could not continue to walk on the water of the Sea because of his lack of faith while in the many miracles of Jesus he told the beneficiary “Go your Faith has saved you”.

Today in the midst of many challenges in the world like Covid-19 pandemic, the Delta wave, and omicron etc. In the peculiar challenges in Nigeria; the Boko Haram, the Bandits, the Kidnappers, the unknown gun-men etc. let us journey with faith. Let us bear in mind that nothing is impossible with God. Do not lose faith and keep hope alive.

As we cling to our faith, we must always remember that faith without good works is dead. We should nourish our faith with prayers and express our faith in works of love.

Therefore, I call on all families to intensify family prayer or revive it if it is no more practiced.

Again, the Christmas time is a privileged opportunity to share with the less privileged. Do not miss this opportunity. Make sure some poor or needy people around you are beneficiaries of your charity.

We pray for all travellers this holy season that God will bless your journey, accompany you on your way and lead you safely to your various destinations.

We pray for families that the blessings of Christmas will descend on you in abundance.

In this life’s journey may you travel with God as you live with strong faith in Him.

                                          Happy Christmas !!!